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    ID1000 small PUMPING STATION for wastewater

    The ID1000 small pumping station is intended for pumping wastewater from private houses or smaller groups of houses. It is a complete pumping station with internal piping and pump. This pumping station is manufactured according to the customer’s needs by defining the tank cylinder height, inlet and outlet locations and selecting the appropriate pump.

    Components of the ID1000 small pumping station:

    1. Plastic cover (PE, 50mm of thermal insulation)
    2. Service opening (PE, 50mm of thermal insulation)
    3. Tank cylinder (PE, SN2 kN/m²)
    4. Ball valve (PP/+GF+)
    5. Non-return valve (GG25 cast iron with epoxy coating and NBR ball)
    6. Auto-coupling (GG25 cast iron with epoxy coating)
    7. Wastewater pump (with float switch)
    8. Pressure pipe (A4)
    9. Bolts, nuts and washers (A4)
    10. Lifting chain (A4)