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Gravity pipes

Control cabinets

Aboveground tanks

Underground tanks

Septic tanks


Welding rod

Cable well OPTO

Industrial piping

Semifinished products

Concrete protection

Lining systems

What do we offer to our customers?

As the end users of the products are usually water companies, our goal is to manufacture products that meet all the requirements of companies providing water and sewage services. There are several parties in the chain from the need for the product to its use – the customer, the designer, supervisor, the construction company and the manufacturer.

For water utility companies
For water utility companies
For sales and construction companies
For sales and construction companies
For designers and supervisors
For designers and supervisors
For industrial companies
For industrial companies

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IWS participated in IFAT 2024 trade fair

03. July 2024

IWS in fair IFAT 2022

IWS at IFAT in Munich 2024

21. March 2024


IWS at Aqua Nederland 2024

26. March 2024

Innovative Water
Systems LTD

Innovative Water Systems Ltd is a company based on Estonian capital and engaged in developing and manufacturing plastic pumping stations. We offer complete solutions for pumping stations – pumping station, pumps and control cabinets. Our product range also includes pipes, wells and custom-made tanks. We have been on the Estonian market since 2007 and with that time we have secured our position as a stable and reliable partner in the field of water and sewage systems.

We are the member of The Estonian Water Works Association (EVEL).

How can we help you?
Hello! If you have any questions or want to contact us, don't hesitate! Give us a call or send us an email and our friendly team will be happy to answer. We are here to provide you with the best service and resolve your concerns quickly and efficiently. We look forward to communicating with you!


The trademark “STRONG” stands for a qualified and long-lasting product. The trademark is used in all product descriptions and is already well-known for many of our customers. Trademark STRONG is registered in all EU Member States.

Office For Harmonization In The Internal Market
IWS Group
The PE material<br> is 100%<br> recyclable
The PE material
is 100%

The plastic residue from our production is crushed and granulated to allow us to reuse this material. Doing this allows us to save up to 88% of energy compared to producing from prime plastic material.

Withstands<br> Nordic<br> climate

PE STRONG pipes which are used for making the core of our products are certified according to the Nordic standard INSTA SBC EN 13476 and marked with Nordic Poly Mark label.  Upon passing the tests foreseen by the standard the pipes are accordingly marked and will be allowed to be installed at up to -10 °C.

Safe<br> to maintain
to maintain

The prerequisite for safe maintenance of pumping stations, tanks and chambers is a solid and robust product tank cylinder. For selection of tank cylinder with sufficient strenght we use internationally licenced software for static calculations:

SolidWorks Simulation, IngSoft EasyPipe and EasySchacht.

Resistant<br> to mechanical<br> damage
to mechanical

As a material, PE is elastic and with good wear resistance. STRONG pipes are certified according to the Nordic standard INSTA SBC EN 13476 and marked with Nordic Poly Mark label. The pipes undergo the impact and ring stiffness tests foreseen by the standard.

Guaranteed lifetime <br> of PE material<br> is 50 years
Guaranteed lifetime
of PE material
is 50 years

Under normal conditions of use, PE is chemically inert material, does not decompose, rust or corrode as the result of chemical reactions in the ground. Experience has shown that a product that is made of carefully selected raw material lasts for over 50 years.