Aboveground tanks

ID500 – 2400 mm. STRONG aboveground tanks will find a variety of uses in industry, agriculture and water treatment plants.

Underground tanks

ID1000 - 2400 mm. STRONG tanks are used for collecting wastewater, stormwater, fire fighting water and domestic water.


Septic tanks

ID1000 mm. A STRONG septic tank consists of a 3-compartment septic, distribution well and filtering field.


Valve chambers

ID1000 – 2400 mm. STRONG valve chambers and wells are used to solve pressure pipeline node points.

Gravity pipes

ID360 – 2400 mm. STRONG pipes are used to build gravity flow pipelines.


Welding rod

4-5 mm. Welding rod for manual extruder welding.

Kaablikaev Opto

Cable well OPTO

Opto. STRONG Opto cable well is a reserve- and extension well of the communication cable pipeline.

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Industrial piping systems

Pipes and fittings made from PE 100-RC, PP, PVDF ja ECTFE materials.

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Semifinished products

Sheets, pipes, bars and welding rods from PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP ja PFA materials.

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Concrete protection

Concrete protective liners from PE, PP, PVDF ja ECTFE materials.

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Lining systems

Geomembranes from HDPE, LLDPE, VLDPE ja FPP materials.