Small pumping stations

ID700 – 1000 mm. STRONG small pumping stations are compact, single-chamber  well-type of pumping stations with submersible pumps.

Pumping Stations

ID1200 – 2400 mm. STRONG pumping stations are compact, single-chamber well-type of pumping stations with submersible pumps.

SSS Pumping Stations

ID1500 – 2400 mm. STRONG SSS pumping stations are double-chamber well-type pumping stations. Pumping stations are equipped with a solids separation system (SSS).

Control cabinets

Control cabinets are intended to control the operation of pumps inside of pumping stations, protect pump motors, monitor what is happening in the pumping station, collect information and communicate it to maintenance personnel.

Aboveground tanks

ID500 – 2400 mm. STRONG aboveground tanks will find a variety of uses in industry, agriculture and water treatment plants.

Underground tanks

ID1000 - 2400 mm. STRONG tanks are used for collecting wastewater, stormwater, fire fighting water and domestic water.

Septic tanks

ID1000 mm. A STRONG septic tank consists of a 3-compartment septic, distribution well and filtering field.


ID1000 – 2400 mm. STRONG chambers are used to solve pressure pipeline node points: hydrant wells, air extraction wells, valve chambers and watermeter wells.


ID360 – 2400 mm. STRONG pipes are used to build gravity flow pipelines.

PE, PP, PVDF pipe systems

For industrial companies  we offer PE, PP, PVDF piping materials and special tanks.

Welding rod

4-5 mm. Welding rod for manual extruder welding.

Cable well OPTO

Opto. STRONG Opto cable well is a reserve- and extension well of the communication cable pipeline.