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ID2000 PUMPING STATION for waste- and stormwater

ID2000 pumping stations are intended for pumping waste- and stormwater in places where it is impossible or unfeasible to construct gravity-flow piping. The pumping stations are compact, equipped with internal piping and suitable pumps. The ID2000 can be fitted with one or two pumps, with two pumps having a maximum internal internal piping diameter DN150. The design of the pumping station and the production drawing will be determined according to the project. We will do detailed custom made drawing that allows the customer to inspect the pumping station and if everything is correct, also to confirm it. We also provide control cabinets for pumping stations that controls pumps operation, protects pump motors and sends required data via SMS to a service technician or owner’s cell phone and is connected to a remote monitoring center, from where it’s possible to monitor and control the work of the pumping stations.


The complete offer includes:

1. Complete pumping station ID2000 with internal piping
2. Pumps (1 or 2 pcs)
3. Control cabinet
4. Reinforced concrete anchoring slab with bolts
5. Gate valves for outside the pumping station (for inlet and outlet)

D2000 pumping station components:

1. Tank cylinder (PE, SN4)
2. Monolithic insulated service opening (PE)
3. Reinforced bottom, installation depth 7m, safety factor 2 (PE/steel)
4. Lockable cover (PE / Al / A4)
5. Ladder with non-slip steps and telescopic handrail (A4)
6. Service platform (PE / A4)
7. Pressure pipes (PE100 / A4)
8. Pressure pipe tee 120° (A4)
9. Gate valve (cast iron, epoxide coating)
10. Check valve (cast iron, epoxide coating, NBR ball)
11. Guide rails for pumps (A4)
13. Ventilation pipes d110 mm (PE, vandal-proof)
14. Bolts, nuts, washers (A4)
15. Hooks for cables (PE)
16. Base for control cabinet, waterproof cable protection pipes (PE)