A joint seminar of IWS and KSB 28.11.2018


Already for the second year in a row, IWS and KSB have organised a joint seminar.

If in 2017 the event took place in the The Estonian Film Museum and hosted over 115 participants from all over Estonia, then in 2018 the seminar took place in the Estonian National Museum in Tartu with a total of 160 participants from all over Estonia.

All the engineers of the field who participated in the seminar were given 4,66 TP (additional education points based on the professional standard) and all participants also received a certificate.

For the second time, the partners of the seminar were:

– Estonian Water Works Association (EVEL), www.evel.ee

– Estonian Water Supply and Sewerage Engineers Society (EVKIS), www.evkis.ee