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ID360-2400 gravity pipes


PE double wall spiral pipes are manufactured and certified according to the Nordic standard INSTA SBC EN 13476 and marked with the Nordic Poly Mark symbol.

Material and color:

Pipes are made of PE100 material. The outer surface of the pipes is black and orange striped and the inner surface orange.

Fields of application:

– sewerage
– stormwater
– culverts
– ventilation
– industrial piping
– tank cylinders for wells and tanks

Inside diameter        Ring stiffness (kN/m2)

– 360 mm                         SN4
– 500 mm                 SN2, SN4, SN8
– 520 mm                 SN2, SN4
– 600 mm                 SN2, SN4, SN8, SN16
– 700 mm                 SN2, SN4, SN8, SN16
– 800 mm                 SN2, SN4, SN8, SN16
– 1000 mm               SN2, SN4, SN8, SN16
– 1200 mm               SN2, SN4, SN8, SN16
– 1250 mm               SN2, SN4, SN8, SN16
– 1500 mm               SN2, SN4, SN8, SN16
– 1400 mm               SN2, SN4, SN8, SN16
– 1600 mm               SN2, SN4, SN8
– 2000 mm               SN2, SN4
– 2200 mm               SN2, SN4
– 2400 mm               SN2, SN4

Pipe lengths are 6 ja 12 m.
Pipes up to 13,5 m in length can be ordered.

There are four methods to connect the pipes:

  • PE electricity band
  • RST connection socket
  • Handweld extruder
  • Heat-shrinkable tape