The joint seminar of IWS and KSB was the third in a row.

The seminar took place in the new cruise terminal at Tallinn Old City Harbour.

As in previous years, the interest of seminar was high. There were participants all over Estonia – water companies, designers, building companies and others, a total of 140 people.

At the seminar, we introduced the new generation of STRONG pumping stations, including the new pumping station plastic cover, service opening, ventilation pipes and concrete anchoring base plate.

We also introduced the European Union standard for pumping stations EN 12050-1 and CE marking for STRONG pumping stations.

There was an opportunity to see and touch samples of IWS’s new products.

KSB presented KRT and Amaporter sewage pumps and renewed product series of Amarex pumps.

At the seminar, we also presented the new KSB mobile application GoTo Amarex, which makes very easy to find new pumps to replace existing ones with analogous parameters.

In addition, we presented the pump monitoring system KSB Guard.

Engineers participating in the seminar were awarded with 4.8 TP (Continuing Education Points based on Professional Standard) and all participants a certificate was also issued.

As in previous years, the cooperation partners of the seminar were:

  • The Estonian Waterworks Association (EVEL)
  • Estonian Society of Water Supply and Sewerage Engineers (EVKIS)