Estonian design award BRUNO


IWS new generation pumping station service opening

The design of the new wastewater pumping station hatch has significantly optimized several technical aspects and has sought to create an object that is in fitting with its environment.

The spherical and faceted design of this pump is not just part of the aesthetics – it provides three times better resistance to high surface pressures and solves one of the key problems of the previous generation of the product, which was the thermoplastic warping with temperature changes and degrading the appearance of the service opening.

The new product integrates all components. As a result, the assembly of the product is four times faster than in the previous version, where all functional components had to be welded on separately.

Thanks to the well thought-out details of the new solution, professional users appreciate the functionality of the product, highlighting its visual distinctiveness and unique design.

Category: engineering product design
Material: Polyethylene (PE)
Dimensions: 1500x1500x1500

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Estonian Accociation of Designers (EDL) – product design award BRUNO 2022