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    ID2400 SSS PUMPING STATION for wastewater


    ID2400 SSS pumping station is intended for pumping waste water in places, where construction of gravity-flow piping is not possible or practical. SSS pumping stations are double-chamber well-type pumping stations with dry installation pumps. Pumping station is equipped with a solids separation system (SSS).

    Pumping stations include wet and dry chambers, pumps, solids separation system, pressure pipes and complete control cabinet. Two dry installation pumps are used in the pumping station, in order to ensure operation of the pumping station also in case of maintenance or failure of one pump. Pumps operate alternately and are controlled by complete control cabinet installed in the control board of the pumping station. Level sensor is used for setting water levels in the pumping station, which regulate starting and stopping of pumps.

    ID2400 SSS pumping station components:

    1. Tank cylinder (PE, SN4)
    2. Monolithic insulated service opening (PE)
    3. Reinforced bottom, installation depth 7m, safety factor 2 (PE/steel)
    4. Lockable cover (PE / Al / A4)
    5. Ladder with non-slip steps and telescopic handrail (A4)
    6. Pressure pipes (PE100)
    7. Pressure pipe tee (PE100)
    8. Gate valve (cast iron, epoxide coating)
    9. Check valve (cast iron, epoxide coating, NBR ball)
    10. Solids separator (PE100)
    11. Knife gate valve (PVC)
    12. Ventilation pipes d110 mm (PE, vandal-proof)
    13. Bolts, nuts, washers (A4)
    14. Hooks for cables (PE)
    15. Base for control cabinet, waterproof cable protection pipes (PE)