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    Septic tank 3000 L


    Septic tank 3000L is a suitable product for cleaning the wastewater of the private house for up to five people. It is meant for private houses which have no connection with public sewerage. The wastewater of the private house will be pre-cleaned mechanically in the septic tank and will be penetrated through the surface filter. Cleaning is nature-identical and needs no electricity. The permit should be applied for using the product from the institution organizing water protection.

    A septic tank set consists:

    • three-chambered septic tanks where the wastewater releases from suspended matter
    • distribution well with the help of which wastewater is lead to the drain pipes (distribution pipeline)
    • perforated drain pipes through which the pre-cleaned wastewater is lead to the ground
    • ventilation pipes which are located at the end of the distribution pipelines
    • filter (geotextile) which helps to avoid the mixing of different fractions of surface