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Industrial piping systems

The AGRU industrial piping system includes materials and pipe types for virtually any industrial application. Excellent chemical resistance and an extremely wide temperature application range make our industrial piping systems the ideal solution for pipework in plant, equipment and tank construction, and also in the petrochemicals industry.

Product range

Made of PE 100-RC, PP, PVDF and ECTFE plastic materials:

• Pipes
• Fittings
• Custom parts – tailor-made solutions

We are the representative of the Austrian company Agru Kunststofftechnik GmbH.

AGRU industrial piping systems (pipes, fittings and closing devices):

PP-H and PP-R plastic materials:
– temperature resistance -5 °C and +95 °C
– excellent chemical and corrosion resistance

HDPE-ESD-el and PPS-ESD-el plastic materials:
– used in areas with a risk of explosion
– electrically conductive

PVDF plastic materials:
– fluoroplastic
– a high level of mechanical strength
– physiologically safe
– temperature resistance -20 °C and +120 °C
– ideal materials for use in the petrochemicals industry, life sciences and the food industry.

ECTFE plastic materials:
– fluoroplastic
– a high level of mechanical strength
– temperature resistance -30 °C and +140 °C
– for aggressive media such as nitric acid, sulphuric acid, free chlorine and ozone

FEP and PFA plastic materias:
– highest chemical resistance

PE100-RC or PP-R plastic materials:
– Poly-Flo double containment piping systems
– for the safe transport of hazardous media
– double safety

PE100-RC plastic materials:
– Mineline I and II
– three-layer system
– abrasion-resistant inner layer