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Control cabinet SCADA


This kind of control cabinet is for the customer who already has a remote management system (SCADA) and wants to add a new pumping stations to the monitoring system. The control cabinet is made according to the demands of the customer and as a rule they have a wide range of possibilities – allowing everything from connecting the generator up to remote control. Information on what is happening at the pumping station can be seen on the screen on the inside of control cabinet door. Remote management allows you to fully monitor and control the operation of the pumps and to change the set parameters (eg water levels). Recorded data and graphs can be used to analyze the performance of pumps and what is happening at the pumping station. All alarms can be transmitted via SMS and e-mail. This kind of control cabinet is intended for an informed customer, such as a waterworks, who wants to add new pumping stations to an existing SCADA remote management system.

Control cabinet SCADA standard solution:

  • For one or two pumps
  • Pumps control with a hydrostatic level sensor
  • Emergency control with two float switches
  • Automatic and manual control
  • Buttons control or touch screen
  • Main switch
  • Sockets 400 and 230 V
  • Plug for generator
  • RCD protection
  • Phase control
  • Surge arrester
  • Work hours counter of pumps
  • Start and stop counter of pumps
  • Measurement of pressure from pumping station outlet
  • Remote management
  • SMS alerts

Alarm messages:

  • Pump 1 failure (temperature, motor protection)
  • Pump 2 failure (temperature, motor protection)
  • Pump 1 moisture
  • Pump 2 moisture
  • Water level high (drowns)
  • Water level low (empty)
  • Opening the control cabinet door or pumping station cover
  • Power supply failure
  • Power supply recovery
  • Overvoltage limiter activated
  • High pressure in outlet pipe
  • Low pressure in outlet pipe
  • Battery low
  • Pump 1 in manual mode
  • Pump 2 in manual mode

Extras for SCADA control cabinet:

  • Measurement of the flow from the outlet
  • Double power supply (RLA)