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Lining systems

AGRU Lining Systems are found wherever geomembranes are used, such as in landfill and hydraulic engineering, groundwater protection, and building and tunnel sealing.
AGRU Lining Systems offer the right solution for every application through an array of products made of many different combinations of surfaces and materials while being supported by an extensive range of accessories.

Product range

Lining systems made of HDPE, LLDPE, VLDPE ja FPP plastic materials:

• AGRU LINING SYSTEMS geomembranes
• AGRUFLEX tunnel liners
• AGRUFLEX pond liners
• AGRULOCK sealing systems for the seperation off contaminated groundwater
• Studded Drain Liners
• Drainage pipes
• Pressure (HDPE) pipes
• Pipe penetrations
• Electrically conductive geomembranes
• High-temperature-resistant geomembranes
• Water stop profiles
• Welding rods
• Welding accessories

We are the representative of the Austrian company Agru Kunststofftechnik GmbH.

Geomembranes of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic material:
– good flexibility
– good strength and good elongation behavior
– high chemical resistance
– long-term durability

Geomembranes of linear-low density polyethylene (LLDPE) plastic material:
– more flexible than HDPE membranes
– used in hydraulic engineering and also for applications that are sensitive to setting, such as the surface sealing of landfill sites

Geomembranes of very low-density polyethylene (VLDPE) plastic materials:
– with a high degree of flexibility
– main applications are in tunnel and pond construction

Geomembranes of high-temperature-resistant polyethylene (HTRPE) plastic materials:
– able to cope with continuous operating temperatures of up to 100 °C
– excellent long-term stability

Geomembranes of flexible polypropylene (FPP) plastic materials:
– with high strength and maximum flexibility
– lower coefficient of thermal expansion than PE-based materials
– ideally suited to pond construction

Soil, groundwater and corrosion protection with AGRU LINING SYSTEMS (geomembranes) are:
– tearproof
– extensible
– durable materials, root- and rodent-resistant and resistant to aggressive groundwater
– temperature resistance up to 100° C
– areas of application include solar thermal systems, hot-water storage tanks, bioreactors, cooling basins and many others


Water reservoirs:
– for steep embankments
– in snowmaking ponds

Hydro-technical facilities:
– with AGRU MICROSPIKE High Grip geomembranes
– ideal solution for steep slopes

Landfill base sealing and capping:
– HDPE või LLDPE geomembranes always as the primary lining element at a landfill to prevent rainwater penetration when the surface of the cell is
being lined and to prevent groundwater from being contaminated via the landfill cell’s base liner
– drainage pipes, HDPE pressure pipes and pipe penetrations

– AGRUFLEX tunnel liners are made of highly flexible VLDPE plastic material
– high chemical resistance
– suitable for drinking water applications

Concrete structures:
– water stop profiles made of specially selected, highly flexible VLDPE materials
– the main application for water stop profiles is sealing construction joints and block joints in concrete structures

Pond liners:
– AGRUFLEX pond liners made of FPP and VLDPE plastic materials
– free of diffusing plasticisers
– the set also includes all the necessary accessories